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with Milad Yousofi

When played well, the Rubab produces an ethereal sound that moves the spirit (Ruh) and leaves an impression on the listener that resonates well after the physical note has faded


Milad Yousofi

​Milad is a London based rubab player, composer and music producer working in contemporary Afghan folk, world-jazz and fusion music. He has been invited to perform at The Houses of Parliament, The White House, The British Museum, V&A, Royal Festival Hall, at exclusive gatherings for The Royal Family, Heads of State and Government, Ambassadors and other digniteries. He has composed for BBC programmes as well as a number of films and theatre productions.

Milad promotes the precious sound of Afghanistan's musical traditions and hopes to evolve the genre with his unique musical experience.


The Rubab

Also known as "the lion of instruments", the Rubab is a short necked double-chambered lute and the national instrument of Afghanistan. The body is carved out of a single trunk of a mulberry tree, with an animal skin membrane covering the hollow bowl of the sound-chamber, upon which the bridge is positioned. It has three nylon or gut melody strings tuned in fourths, three steel drone strings and 11 or 12 steel sympathetic strings.



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